LG electronics 55ec9300 review

LG Electronics 55EC9300 55-Inch 1080p 3D Curved OLED TV

lg electronics 55ec9300 review

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The newest kind of televisions that we can find today, are the curved televisions and not the flat TV that we are so used to. The curved TV like the LG electronics 55ec9300, is one of those televisions that are getting more popular by the day. They are great to watch any shows on, and especially sport has a great effect on these televisions.

And, an added bonus with this television is the fact that it is also 3D compatible. Not all the curved televisions are also 3D compatible. With this television, you and your friends will have a great time relaxing in front of the television. Read More Technical Details

Features of the LG OLED 55ec9300

lg oled 55ec9300When we are thinking of a TV, we are thinking of the flat screens that we are getting now in the shops. But, there are a new kind of TV that we can find. The LG electronics 55ec9300 55-inch 1080p 3d OLED TV is curved at the sides of the TV. This give the TV a better angle to look at when you are watching TV.

The refresh rate is much faster than the LCD and plasma televisions and the OLED can refresh the pictures on the screen in 0.1 microsecond. This is really fast. This television has great input ports. It has 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, 1 component port, 1 digital output port and even a LAN port.

Then this television is also 3D compatible and you can watch 3D movies in the comfort of your home. The television has a launcher bar that allows you to customize your viewing experience just the way you like it.

The curved OLED TV is not just another great graphics. This TV has exceptional graphics that makes the picture more real than other televisions or even other curved televisions. The OLED makes this television unique. The screen is full HD 2160 pixels for even greater graphics.

The screen is very thin. There are a lot of flat screens that are really thin and light, but this television is thinner than the rest of the curved televisions.

The TV comes also with the magic remote where you can use the remote for your voice commands. This remote has a build-in remote that you can use for your voice commands. Another great feature of the magic remote is the fact that you can even use this remote on other devices, because it is a universal remote. You can use it on your blue ray player, sound bar or even your home theater system.

You can link your television with any other device like your tablet, smartphone or even laptop for easier sharing. You can now share your special moments with everyone and you can do it from your television.

When you buy this television you will get included the magic remote and two pairs of 3D glasses.oled lg 55ec9300

Pros of the OLED LG 55ec9300

When you wants the perfect television that will give you the best possible graphics and that are making your movie nights special, then you should really buy the LG OLED 55ec9300 TV. This TV gives you everything the modern technology can give you to make your experience unforgettable.

The one great thing about this TV is that it is 3D compatible. Not all the curved televisions are really 3D compatible. It just give the illusion of 3D. You can now watch full 3D movies, right in your living room and the curved television makes the 3D even better.

True color. With this TV, you will have really true color. You will be able to see all the shades that there will be in normal life. The black will be truly black and the white, will be really white. Every color in enhanced and will give the illusion that you are really in nature and not watching television. This is all thanks to the OLED TV graphics. Not every curved television has OLED graphics.

The television is so much thinner than other flat screen TV’s. This screen is really paper-thin and this makes the weight of the television even lighter. The total weight of this TV is just 36.1 pounds. And, for the size of the TV, this is extremely light.

The remote that are included when you buy this TV, is a magic remote. It has a built-in microphone that you can use to give the TV voice commands. Then you don’t need to use the remote to find your favorite channel. This remote can also be used as a mouse on a computer to scroll the wheel. You don’t need to struggle to find what you are looking for with the normal kind of remotes.

You won’t struggle with the setup of the television. This television is really easy to set up, and you most definitely don’t need to hire a professional to help you with the installation. The television gives you step by step instructions and you will be able to watch television in no time.

Cons of the LG curved OLED 4k

When you are used to the normal old flat screen versions, you can struggle to get used to the curved television of the OLED LG 55ec9300 TV. Not everyone can get used to the curved look of the TV. Even if it makes watching television so much more fun.

Even if the remote is a universal remote that you can use on other devices, it doesn’t have all the functions on the remote that you need to successfully control your other devices. So, at the end of the day, you are going to use this remote only for the television.

If you don’t like to see all the wires from your television screen, then you won’t like to buy the curved TV, because of the curved in the television, you are able to see the wires from the side of the TV. And, it can make the TV look not appealing at all.

It can be quite difficult to mount your TV on the wall. Because of the curved television, mounting your TV is hard, especially to find the best angle.

Conclusion of the LG electronics 55ec9300

lg curved oled 4kIf you want state of the art television that gives you everything that the newest technology can, you should look into the LG curved OLED 4K television. This is the best television on the market and you will enjoy great movie nights with your friends and family.

The television is 3D compatible and with the 3D glasses that are included with the TV, you will be able to watch 3D movies in full 3D effects. This is another level of movie watching at home. The graphics is something you need to see to understand. The graphics is exceptional great and you won’t belief the quality of the pictures.

The remote of the TV is a magic remote and nothing like the old normal kind of remotes. You can even use this remote on other devices also. This television is so much lighter than other flat screens, because this flat screen is super thin. The total weight of this TV is just 36.1 pounds.

Where to buy LG electronics 55ec9300 55-inch 1080p 3d OLEDTV

There isn’t a better quality television like the LG electronics 55ec9300 TV, and you will be able to buy this television from the online store, Amazon. GO TO BUY ON AMAZON.COM


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