Ninja master prep qb900b reviews

Ninja Master Prep (QB900B)

With summer knocking on your door, you would like to have a machine that can make you the best smoothies and crushed iced drinks that you and your whole family can enjoy. There are also some people that are using the smoothie machines to make their smoothies that they are drinking to get in shape or to lose weight. If you are looking for a machine that can crush ice, make smoothies or even healthy drinks, then the Ninja Master Prep QB900B is for you.

This powerful blender and smoothie maker is a great tool to have if you like making healthy, but delicious smoothies. You can even make icy smoothies with crushed ice. There are so many different ways that you can use your Ninja master that you will not want to put it away in a cupboard. There isn’t another smoothie that are so powerful like this one. You can use this machine at home, or even take it to parties with you for some delicious fruity smoothies.—>More Product Description

ninja master prep qb900b reviews

Features of the ninja master prep qb900

When you think off the ninja master prep qb900b, you are thinking of the powerful motor off 400Watts. This is powerful enough to blend even frozen fruits or crush ice. There are not a lot of smoothie makers that are powerful enough to crush ice evenly and perfectly, but this smoothie machine can, most definitely.

When you buy this Ninja master, you will get two different size jars that you can use for making different amounts of smoothies. You don’t have to use the larger jar for a small amount of juice. This is great for those who has a smaller family, but the second jar is great for parties and larger amounts of juice.

The machine comes with an anti-spill splashguard to prevent any spilling while blending. You won’t have a mess after you blend your frozen fruits. The machine also comes with an easy-flip pour spout to prevent you from spilling when you are pouring your smoothie into your glass. It also has a non-slip base so that your machine won’t slip while you are using the blender.

They used the best quad blade technology when they made the blades of this powerful machine. This is to be able to crush ice and frozen fruits easily without any damage to the blades or to the motor. It the blades are not made from the best technology and it became blunt, you can burn out your motor.

The blender has a two cup processor that minces, diced, chops, blends and even puree. It uses pulse technology to chop the fruits and ice evenly and perfect. The set comes with a set of blades that you can use for all your chopping and blending needs. It comes with a one year warrantee and the jars are dishwasher safe.

Pros of the ninja master prep pro

The ninja master prep qb900b is an ideal blender and smoothie maker if you like drinking healthy smoothies or ice cold smoothies during the summer months. The machine is powerful enough to chop ice fine and blending frozen fruits perfectly and evenly. With the set of the machine, you will received everything that you need to be able to make the most delicious smoothies and other frozen drinks.

A great thing about the Ninja blender, is the fact that you are getting two different size jars when you buy this machine. This is great because you can use the size of jar that will suit the amount of juice that you are blending. It isn’t necessary to use the large jar if you are going to make a small amount of smoothies for yourself or for just two persons.

The machine uses pulse technology to makes sure that the fruit and the ice is cut, chopped and blended evenly and fast. You will not have an uneven smoothie when you made your smoothie with this blender.

Some other benefits that comes with this blender is the fact that this blender has a wide, non-slip base that makes it easier for you to start your blender and doing something else while the blender is making your smoothie. It also has a splash guard that ensure that you don’t spill any of the juices when you are preparing your smoothie. The best thing about the blender is that it has lids that you can use on the jars for putting the leftovers away, until later.

Everything on the blender is dishwasher safe. This makes the blender easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about the jars and the lids from smelting or getting damage when you are putting them in your dishwasher.

There are four different models that you can buy. You don’t need to buy the QB900B. You can also buy the 450 watt Ninja master, the Express chop or the Professional ninja master. All four of these models will give you everything that you need to make great tasting smoothies.

Cons of the Ninja master

When you are reading all the ninja master prep pro reviews on Amazon, you will notice that there are not many people that have a problem with this blender. This blender is made from new technology that will provides you with the best drinks and smoothies, ever.

Those who has a problem with the blender is complaining that the blender doesn’t blend all the stuff as evenly as it said it will. It sometimes will leave a couple of pieces in between. Even if you are blending it for an extra amount of time.

But overall, this blender is doing everything that they promise, and you will enjoy all your smoothies or frozen fruits that you are going to make with this machine.

Conclusion of ninja master prep qb900b

The one thing that are standing out of the ninja master prep qb900b for me is the fact that it has a non-slip base. This makes it so much easier to work with, when you don’t need to worry about it sipping around on your table top.

This machine has a powerful motor of 400watts and with the best technology blades, you can even dice ice without any problems. There isn’t many blenders that can dice through ice and frozen drinks.

When you buy the blender, you are getting two different size jars that you can use for making different amounts of smoothies. Great for parties. You are also getting a couple of different blades that you can use for all the dicing and blending work that you need to use for making the best possible smoothie. You don’t need to buy this version. There are three other types of Ninja Masters that you can also buy. It all depend on your personal needs. With this blender you will have less spillage and more smoothie.

ninja master prep pro reviews

Where to buy ninja master prep qb900

If you are looking for a great tool in the kitchen that you can use for blending ice, frozen fruits or just a normal smoothie, you really need to look into buying the Ninja Master Prep QB900B. This machine is state of the art and won’t let you down. You can buy this machine at a great price, from the most popular online store, Amazon. For great tasting smoothies. —> Go To Buy At

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