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OM/ONE – World’s first Levitating Bluetooth Speaker – PRESALE

If you are all for new technology and loves new gadgets, then you should give this OM/ONE definitely a go. This is the world’s first levitating Bluetooth speaker. What it actually means, is that it is a floating Bluetooth speaker that you can use on your MP3 player, or your phone, and even on your review

Features of this om one speaker

This is the world’s first Bluetooth speaker that is levitating. There isn’t any other speaker in the whole world that can float in the air. It has a really pretty design and looks really great. The om/one speaker is compatible with any Bluetooth 4.0 devices. From your phone to your MP3 player that has Bluetooth.

You can control you music as far as 33 feet away. It also has a microphone with the speaker. You can even take your phone calls when you are listening to the music from this speaker. It is really portable and has an excellent battery life of 12 hours. When you pair two of these speakers together, you can perfect stereo when you are listening to the music.

Pros of this om one speakers

om/one reviewYour friends and family will really enjoy this creation. They won’t understand how on earth you managed to let the speaker float in the air, without anything holding it. And, if they accidentacally pick the speaker up, they won’t know how to put it back, so that it float again. It can be a lot of fun watching them trying to get the speaker to float again.

You can enjoy music and even control the volume or the tracks that you want to play, even if you are more than 33 feet away from your phone of MP3 player. This is great; you don’t have to carry your phone and the speaker with you. You can just take the speaker wherever you go.

When you are using your phone for listening to the music, you can change the music to speaking on the phone in just seconds. The om/one levitating speaker has a microphone that allows you to speak on loudspeaker when you are talking on the phone.

All of us, who has tablets, know that battery life is getting important. We want devices with long battery life. And, with this speaker, you can have up to 12 hours of listening to music, before the battery will die. That is great.

Cons of this speaker

If you search online for om/one reviews, then you will see that there are a lot of people who don’t like the sound that is coming from the speaker. The sound isn’t very clear and not everyone enjoy sound like this.

Another problem is that if you want to hear stereo sound, you need to buy two of these speakers. Otherwise you won’t have any possibility of listening music in stereo. But, it is a great speaker to have, for entertaining and making your friends green of envy. This is not a bad speaker at all.

Conclusion of om/one levitating

Even if there are a few people who don’t really like this speaker, there are also a lot of people who love having gadgets that not every person has. And this Levitating speaker is a gadget like that. This is a new gadget on the market and not available freely on the market.

With this speaker you can listen and controlling your music as far as 33 feet from your phone. It is compatible with every Bluetooth 4.0 devices, and you can enjoy music for more than 12 hours with this little speaker.

Where to buy om/one bluetooth

If you are interested in a presale of this OM/One levitating speaker, you can find it on Amazon.
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