Paderno 4 blade spiralizer review

Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer Pro, 4-Blade.

We all need to eat. And, to eat we need to have the right equipment to be able to make the best possible food for our family. It isn’t necessary to prepare food with old, outdated equipment that makes preparing food impossible and a very long and daunting task. When you buy the Paderno 4 blade Spiralizer, you will realize that preparing food isn’t as bad as what it was before.

There are different ways that you can use this machine not to only prepare your food, but to make your food look interesting and fun. You will even get our children to start eating vegetables, because of the spiral and interesting ways that this machines slices the veggies. See More Details

paderno 4 blade spiralizer review

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Features of paderno 4 blade spiralizer.

When you buy the Paderno 4 blade Spiralizer from amazon, you will get three blades included. You will get the straight/accordion blade/stainless steel pin, angel hair shredding blade, fine shredding blade and the chipping blade. All these four blades will give you different sliced vegetables.paderno spiralizer blades

The Spiralizer is comfortable to use and it has a foldable body that is made from durable plastic. All the parts of this machine is break resistant and comes with a guided rail to make sure that you know how to insert the blades.

Another great feature of this machine, is that it has a closed container, where you can store all your blades that you don’t use in. This ensures that you don’t lose any of your blades. It can be frustrating to search for a blade before you can use the machine.

The machine can be adjusted to use for left handed persons or even for right handed persons. This, makes it great for the people who are left handed. The machine is also designed in such a way that it is simple to use and safe, so that you won’t easily cut open your hands or cut your finger while you are slicing your vegetables.

This version is a newer version that are designed in a better way. This new version has a new pronged wheel that have extra teeth that are wider and longer than the older versions of this model. This newer version is also more compact that will take less storage space that the older versions.

You can use this machine to slice any kind of vegetables like apple, potatoes, cucumbers, onion and even sweet potatoes. This machine has a lot other features that you can use, especially with a little bit of imagination.

Pros of paderno spiralizer blades.

4 blade paderno spiralizerGetting children to eat their vegetables, is quite hard. Especially the younger ones. But, if you have the 4 blade Paderno Spiralizer, you can make fun spiral vegetables that makes the vegetables look nice and delicious. And, it make it a lot easier to get the children to eat the spiral foods. Now, with this machine, your kids will get all the nutrients without the struggle when they need to eat their vegetables.

It is also a great way of making a salad that are not looking normal like all the other salads. This is a great way of making a normal, everyday salad looking like a brand new salad. Just because of the spirals that this machine slices the veggies in. Your friends will think that you had spent a lot of time in the kitchen preparing your salad.

The four blades can cut your veggies in four different shapes. With the one blades you can make vegetable pasta, apple chips, ribbon cuts for salads and even spiral looking potato skewers. The second blade can make perfectly hair strand cuts that are perfect for soups and pasta. The third blade you can use can make spaghetti like vegetables that are great for making your salad or for stir fry. Then, the last blade is for creating thicker strands or cuts. This blade is perfect for roasting and sautéing.

There are so many different machines that you can use for slicing and cutting your vegetables in spirals, but most of them are hard to assembled and you will struggle to clean them without cutting your fingers. But, if you have this machine, you will be able to assemble it fast and quick and it is really easy to clean. N more cutting yourself.

You don’t have to worry about the machine made from cheap plastic. The machine might be made from plastic, but it made from durable and non-breakable plastic that will last for years to come. You have even a choice to buy the four blade machine or the three different machine. You can buy the machine that is right for you, personally.

Cons of the paderno spiralizer.

When you are using the Paderno world cuisine 4-blade Spiralizer, you will look long and hard for any cons of problems with this machine. It isn’t taking a lot of time to prepare your new, greater looking vegetables and it is easy to use and to clean.

I was looking hard and long at this Spiralizer, and couldn’t fine one single problem with this machine. The only problem that I, as a mother, had was the fact that the children won’t stop eating the spiral vegetables. They really can’t get enough.

If I couldn’t get any problems with this machine, I am pretty sure that you won’t find a problem or con with this product, either. If you are preparing food for your children or your whole family, you need to have this machine. Without this machine, you will spend hours and hours in the kitchen preparing the food.

Conclusion of 4 blade paderno to use paderno spiralizer

There are different spiral making machines out there that can making spiral vegetables to make the vegetables looking pretty. But, not all of them offers what the 4 blade Paderno Spiralizer has to offer. It has four different blades that you can use for cutting your food in four different ways.

You can use all these sliced foods in pasta, salads, soups, as stir fry, or just for fun looking vegetables and fruits that every child will love. If your child hates eating normal, boring vegetables, you can really try to make the spiral vegetables for them. I am sure that they will love it just as much as what my kids has loved this machine.

The Spiralizer is made from durable plastic that are non-breakable and it has a closed storage unit with the machine where you can store your blades, for when you might need it. No more searching for your blades when you are using the machine.

The Spiralizer is compact and doesn’t take too much storage space when you are storing your machine after using it. And, cleaning is a breeze. There isn’t another machine that are so great for slicing all kinds of vegetables in strips and spirals. Your kids will love the spiral potato slices that this machine can make.

Where to buy paderno world cuisine 4-blade spiralizer.

The Paderno 4 blade Spiralizer isn’t hard to find, and isn’t pricy at all. You will find this machine without any troubles at Amazon, the online store that are also quite popular. Their prices are cheap and their products made from durable materials that won’t break as easily. Go To Store


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