Review dr infrared heater portable space heater

Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt

Heaters is getting more of an essential thing to have in every household. We can’t go without a heater these days. Especially when the winter is starting, or when it became really cold. And, because there are a lot of different kind of heaters that you can buy, it can starting to get frustrating and hard to decide what heater is best for you and your household.—>View Review At Shop

infrared space heater reviewsThere are some people that are only buying power heaters, and there are some people that don’t belief in power heaters and looking for other type of heaters. This is where this heater is coming in. This heater isn’t the normal power heater that are taking a lot of power and where you are spending a lot of money at the end of the month. The dr. infrared heater portable space heater is a heater that are using infrared and not a heating elements. It is normally the heating element that are producing the heat, but also making your electricity bill very high at the end of the month.

If you are looking for a portable heater that are making heat from infrared and not the normal element like other heaters, then this is most definitely the heater that you should buy.

Features of the dr heater infrared heater

There are heaters and then there are the infrared space heater. This heater has great features that will make it the best heater for every household. Even for those who can’t be able to spend a lot of money at the end of the month on electrical bills.—> View more product detailsdr heater infrared heater

This heater is newly engineered and designed in the United States of America with an advanced duel heating system. This is a 1500W heating system with a high and low heating setting from 50 to 85 degrees. This is great for different heating options in the days that it is colder than normal.

This heater will heat evenly a large room of up to a thousand square feet. This is a lot and, for most people this is about their entire homes. This means that you only will use just one heater throughout the whole house, and you will save a lot of power on different heaters in every room.

This heater are made with some great features. It has safety precautions that not many of the other kind of heaters has. This is great to have if you have small children that can be in danger around a heater. It has a tip over cut off switch and an overheat cut off switch. This means, the risk of a fire inside your home is very limited with this heater. And, will be save around children.

Pros if dr heater infrared heater

The one thing that I like most of the heater is the fact that this heater uses infrared to heat up and no other heating elements like other normal heaters. These other heaters are using a lot of power, and it can become quite expensive if you are running that heaters throughout the month. With the dr. heater infrared heater you won’t have a high electricity bill, not even if you are using the heater throughout the month, every single day.

This heater is made with a lot of safety issues in mind. There are normally a lot of hazards when you are using any heater. Children that are burning, houses that are burning and even dangerous fumes that can kill your family during the night. With this new engineered heater, you will not have to risk the safety of your family to be able to keep warm during the winter. This heater does have a cut of switch for overheating for when the heater tips over. This can cause serious injuries, but because the heater cuts off, there will be absolutely no harm done.

Another great thing about the heater is that with this heater, you can heat up a large room of about 1000 square feet. This is normally the size or a normal one storage house. This means that you are going to heat up most of your home with just the one heater. And, the electricity bill will be a lot less than with a lot of heaters in every room. This heater is heating the whole room evenly. This means that you won’t even feel that some parts of the room is cold and other parts of the room is warm. This will also exclude any risks of anyone in the household getting sick because of unevenly heated rooms.

The heater is warming up a room a lot faster than with the older versions of heaters. This is because of the new technology that this heater is using. The infrared makes sure that the room is evenly heated and the infrared insures faster heating of any room.

This heater is built to last for more than 80 000 hours of operating. This might not sound really long, but if you are considering how much hours you are running the heater for a month, then you will see that this heater will last you for quite some time.

Cons of infrared space heater

When you are looking closely to the dr. infrared heaters and you look at the reviews of this heaters, you will see that most of the reviews are just positive. There are not really any cons and problems reported with this heater.

There are some little problems that are review about, but this is just a few. Not even enough to mention here. For me, there are no problems or cons when I used it. This is for me one of the best possible heaters that I will ever have. And, it is really safe to use around children and small children.

Conclusion of dr infrared heaters

There are a large amount of heaters available on the market that you can chose from. There are some large heaters that are using a lot of power, and then there are some great heaters with great features that doesn’t use as much power as other heaters. If you are looking for a heater like this, then you should definitely look at the dr. infrared heaters.

This heater is new technology that are used in making a heater that are producing a lot of heat in a large room. It also ensures evenly heating so that there will be no hot and colds spots in the room. And it is really safe to use around children.

This heater doesn’t use a heating element for producing heat. It uses infrared heating. This is why this is such a great heater and why the heater is efficient with power usage. This heater also has an automatic cut off switch for when the heater tips over accidentally or if the heater is starting to overheat. This is normally potential dangerous, but not if you are using this heater.

Where to buy dr infrared heater portable space heater

If you are looking for a heater that are safe to use, and that will evenly heat up a large room, then you should really consider buying this new version dr. infrared heater portable space heater. This heater has some new features that are great to have in a heater. You will be able to find this heater at Amazon, the online store.—> Check price at


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