Review Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike



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Who really likes to exercise regular? This is really just the people who are really fit and healthy that likes to exercise on a daily basis. The most of us, don’t like to exercise and we don’t like to go to gyms for exercising. We are forgetting that there are easier and fun ways that we can exercise regular. We don’t need to jog for miles and we don’t need to sweat for hours on end.exerpeutic folding upright bike

All that we really needs is to exercise is to get an exercise equipment that we can use at home. And, then not just any exercise equipment. Something that are easy to do and that you can exercise comfortable. You don’t have to exercise on equipment that are making you feel uncomfortable. A great exercise bike, which are really great to have is the Exerpeutic magnetic upright folding exercise bike.

This bike is really great to use for exercising, especially if you don’t like exercising like jogging or swimming. You don’t need to be uncomfortable with this exercise equipment and you don’t need to hate exercise. With this bike, you will enjoy every minute of exercising at home. And, you really want to use your bike, every day.

Features of Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

The Exerpeutic folding upright bike has a lot of great features that you need to have in a great exercise bike. With this bike, you know that you will buy one of the best bikes possible. The best feature for me is the fact that the bike can fold up. You don’t need to keep the bike unfolded all the time. You can fold the bike up and store it away if you are not exercising. This is to make sure that even the people with not much space, can also buy an exercise bike.

exerpeutic folding upright bikeThis bike has an easy to read LCD screen to monitor all the important stuff like your heart rate, distance, speed and calorie burn. It is important to be able to monitor all these stuff to see your progress.

This bike has a great design. It doesn’t look like the normal exercise bike. This exercise bike has a great seat and a back, for even more comfort while you are exercising. Other normal exercise bikes don’t have a back support cushion to protect your back while you are exercising.

The exercise bike can support up to 300 pounds at a time. This is really heavy and most people will be able to use this bike, without worrying about the weight that are on the bike.

Pros of Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

Exerpeutic-400XL-Folding-Recumbent-BikeWhen you are looking at the Exerpeutic folding magnetic bike, you will notice that the design is a lot different from the rest of the other exercise bikes. This one is designed with comfort in mind. With this bike, you can exercise for as long as you want to without the stress on your back. Most people’s backs are getting tired from exercising on exercise bikes. But, not if you are going to buy this bike.

Another great thing for me is the fact that you can use this bike and after you are finish exercising, you can fold the bike up and store the bike out of sight. This is especially a great bike to have, if you don’t have a lot of storage space in your home. Then, you can use the bike, and store it afterwards. It won’t be in your way.

The LCD screen of this bike is really easy to read. You won’t need to read the manual of how the screen works to be able to read your stats when you are exercising. You will be able to monitor all your important stats like your heart rate, speed, distance and even your calorie burn. This is all important stuff to monitor to see your progress while you are exercising.

You don’t need to exercise on one level only. There are a total of 8 levels that you can use to make sure that you are keeping challenging yourself. You don’t want to buy a bike that has only one difficulty level. This bike makes sure that your exercising is challenging, no matter on what fitness level you might be.

Don’t let the size of the exercise bike fool you. This is a great exercise bike with great features. If you are looking for an exercise bike that will let you exercise in comfort, then this is the bike to have.

Cons of Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

When you are looking closely to the bike, you will notice that this bike is great to have. Even if the bike is so small and foldable. You don’t need to worry about quality of the bike.

There are just one very small problem with the bike. The moment that you are folding the bike for storage, you will notice that it is quite hard to move around. The folded bike is hard to move around for some, but the problem isn’t big enough to not buying this bike. This is one of the best bikes that you can buy, and you won’t regret buying this bike.


There are a lot of exercise bikes on the market that you can buy online. But, there are not many bikes with the quality and durability than the Exerpeutic folding magnetic bike. This bike can even fold up and put away for some extra space in your living room. It isn’t really nice to go visit someone, and their fitness equipment stand in the living room and you can’t talk to each other. This machine don’t have this problem.

This is a machine that are made from great material that will ensure that you are able to exercise for a couple of years without any problems. With the LCD screen, you will be able to monitor all your important stats, and you can even monitor your heart rate. The design of the bike is also great. You have a great seat and a back cushion that you can use to ensure that your back is comfortable and not getting tired.

There are not a lot of these kind of equipment on the market that has this great features. If you are looking for an exercise machine that are great and affordable, then you should consider buying the Exerpeutic magnetic upright folding exercise bike. You will find this bike easily on the online store Amazon.


User comments

The one thing that I really like about this bike is the fact that this bike don’t make a lot of noise when I am exercising. I can listen to music or even watch television without any problems. This is a great machine to have if you want to watch television while you are exercising.

The bike can folds up small. I can use the bike and then fold the bike up and store it behind my couch. No one even knows that there are an exercise bike behind my couch.

There are just one bike for me, and it is this great exercise bike. For me, there are not a better exercise bike that are giving as much comfort as other bikes. And, I have going to gyms quite a lot. I don’t regret buying this bike, for one minute.

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