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Fjallraven Kanken Daypack.

We all need to have a daypack for our everyday uses. And, the Fjallraven Kanken backpacks is all that you will ever need. The first Kankan backpack was made in 1978 in Sweden, so this daypack is coming a long way. The daypack is made from the Sweden design and Fjallraven Kanken was founded by Ake Nordin.

Since 1978 there isn’t much that was changed from this daypack, apart from the fact that they have added a few new colors and even new Fjallraven Kanken models like the mini and the laptop version. But, the daypack is still the most favorite pack and you will not regret buying the daypack for yourself of for someone else as a present. —>See More Product Details<—

fjallraven kanken backpacks

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Features of the fjallraven kanken backpacks.

When you buy the Fjallraven Kanken daypack backpack, you will notice that this daypack has one interior pocket for storage and even an exterior pocket for storage that you can easily access, even if your daypack is overflowing. The materials that this backpack is made from is genuine 100% polyester and this material is imported. This makes the material even more durable.

You don’t have to worry about the color that you want to buy the backpack in. Because over the years they have made a lot of colors. You can choose between 38 different colors that are bright and bold. The backpack are a great size. It is about 5.1 x 10.6 x 15 inches. The straps of the daypack backpack is made to last and to provide you with comfort. Even if your backpack is heavily packed. The stiches is made to last, and won’t fall apart while you are wearing it.—>See More Product Details<—

Pros of the fjällräven backpack.

When I am thinking of the Fjallraven backpack, the first thing that comes to mind is durability. It doesn’t fall apart on the seams like any other backpack. Other backpack’s straps are normally the first things to get ruined, but not with these packs. This backpack is made to last for years and years to come.

You can put almost anything into your backpack. It is large enough for even laptops, and your everyday office stuff that you need to carry with your throughout the day. There will be even space for your laptop, textbooks, notebooks and a launch pack. This is a perfect everyday office bag or even a student bag for going to classes.

This isn’t just a normal “backpack” that you are wearing on your back, and ruin your outfit. This backpack looks quite cute and will not ruin any outfit that you might wear with this daypack. This daypack is made so that it will always be fashionable and modern. Even if the first backpack was made in 1978.

For those that color is very important, will like this daypack backpack. This is because there are a lot of different colors that you can choose. You can even choose more than one backpack with a variety of colors. A color a day if you prefer. You can choose between warm yellow, brick, peach pink, ice blue, leaf green and many, many other colors.

This daypack isn’t just for one type of person. Both women and men can wear this backpack. The colors of the backpack makes it perfect for anyone: men or women, no matter if you are big or small, or even young and old.

There are many backpacks that are hard to wash and clean. But, if you are buying this backpack you will be able to wash it. You can wash it in cool water with your hands or even in your washing machine. You should not tumble dry the backpack.

The shorter handles at the top of the daypack makes it even better to carry around. Especially, if you are not a fan of wearing a daypack over your shoulders. Sometimes you need to wear your bag for easy access, and then the shorter handles come in quite handy.—>Read More Review<—

Cons of the fjällräven backpack.

When you are buying the Fjallraven backpack on sale, you will notice that there might be a few things that can bother you.

For starters, the straps of the backpack is a bit on the smaller size. This means is you are tall person, you might not feel very comfortable wearing the daypack on your back. It can rather look funny that this tall person wearing a small daypack at his back. Many men don’t like this backpack, because of this reason. But, if you are shorter, then this daypack will be a perfect fit for you. Then you don’t have to struggle with straps that are too large for you.

Then, the side pockets can be too narrow for bigger hands. It is a great place to store your phone in, but it is too narrow for anything else. You can’t even store a water bottle upright. If you want to carry water or liquids with you, you need to take the risk of putting it inside the daypack with all your other stuff that can’t afford to get wet.

For many the backpack might be too expensive. But, those who have bought cheap backpacks will know that the cheaper bags don’t last and get damage very easily. They won’t look great for a long time, like this daypack. It might be a bit on the expensive side, but when you buy this daypack, you will know that it will last for years to come without any damage or without looking cheap.

Even if there might be a small amount of problems or cons with this daypack, it is still a great daypack to buy if you need to carry stuff around during the day. This bag is great if you are a student, for business purposes or even for a new mom.

Conclusion of the fjällräven backpack.

When you are looking at the Fjallraven backpack Kanken you will notice that this daypack is made to last. It is made from durable and one hundred present polyester that makes it easier to clean the daypack. The daypack is large enough for storing anything that you might need during the day. It is even large enough for your laptop and other office supplies. And, if you are a student, you will look fashionable and modern with this bag over your shoulders.

There are many different colors that you can choose your daypack in. You don’t have to settle for a color that you won’t like. It has an interior side pocket for storing important stuff away from all the rest of your stuff and it has an exterior pocket for those stuff that you need to at hand. Like your cellphone, wallet or even just a notepad and pen. This daypack is designed and made for everyone for their everyday life.

You can even buy this bag if you are a new mom and hates the old fashioned diaper bags. This bag will let you still look funky and young, even if you are mom.—>Read More Review<—

Where to buy fjallraven kanken day pack backpack.

You can find the Fjallraven Kanken backpacks in a few places online, but the best place to find your daypack backpack is where you will be paying less for it. At the online store Amazon, you will be able to buy the backpack for less, and still have the durability and colors that are making this bag famous.—>Go To Buy NOW<—


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