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hamilton beach coffee grinder 80365

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Hamilton Beach 80365 Custom Grind Hands-Free Coffee Grinder, Platinum

There are not a single person in this world that doesn’t like fresh coffee. Everyone that doesn’t like fresh grinded coffee didn’t drink fresh grinded coffee before. If you like grinding your own fresh coffee beans and you want a machine that gives you the best grounded coffee beans, every time, then you should really look into buying the Hamilton beach 80365.

This isn’t just a normal coffee grinder that you can use for grinding coffee. This is a state of the art coffee grinder that are made from the best possible materials to make this machine durable and long lasting. You will not regret buying this grinder for you or even for someone special as a gift. —> More Product Description

Features of hamilton beach coffee grinder

If you are looking for a coffee grinder that are easy to operate and where you don’t have to study the instruction booklet, then you should buy the Hamilton beach coffee grinder. This is because this little machine has easy to use features. The grinder also has a removable grinder chamber that you can remove and clean. This is why this grinder is easy to clean. You can also use the removable grinder chamber to refill the grinder. All the compartments of this grinder is dishwasher safe.hamilton beach 80365 custom grind

This grinder isn’t just for grinding coffee, you can also grind other types of dry ingredients. You can grind spices, sugar, coffee beans, and many others. With this great coffee grinder, you can grind your coffee hands-free. Not like the other kinds of grinders.

The grinder has great settings that you can set. You can set for the right amount of coffee for the amount of cups you are going to make coffee. And it has a setting for the finest of the grinding. You can set any kind of grinding fineness when you use this grinder.

The cord of the grinder can be stored away, so that you don’t have to see the cord when you don’t use the grinder and just store in on your kitchen top. You don’t need to put the grinder away, because the grinder is looking modern and will be a great fit for every kitchen.

Pros of hamilton beach 80365 custom grind

When you buy a coffee grinder you normally would think that you can just grind coffee in the grinder. But, when you buy the Hamilton beach 80365 custom grind grinder, you will be able to grind more than just fresh coffee beans. You will also be able to grind other hard ingredients that are dry. Like sugar, spices, etc. I love using this grinder to make fresh grinded black pepper corns, and to make fine sugar for when I am baking.

If we are trying to store our kitchenware, you will agree with me, that the cord of all the appliances is getting in the way of a neat kitchen cabinet. The great thing about this grinder, is the fact that the cord can be stored away in the appliance, so that you can’t see the cord. And, the cord won’t get in the way when you want to store it in the cabinet.

This grinder is state of the art and looking really nice and modern. And, the platinum look that this grinder has, it will even suit the kitchens that only uses silver and platinum appliances. The grinder will be a great benefit to any kitchen, and even if you don’t use the grinder for grinding coffee, you will find a lot of other ingredients that you can use the grinder for.

This coffee grinder has great settings. For precision measurement, you will easily be able to adjust the finest of the coffee beans. Just like you prefer. And, you won’t struggle doing so. This machine is really easy to operate and you won’t need to be a genius to be able to operate this machine. Then another setting that this grinder has that not any other grinders has, is the setting or the amount of coffee beans that needed to be grind. You can set for 2 cups of coffee up to 12 cups of coffee. No more guessing on how much coffee you need to make a certain amount of fresh percolated coffee.

Another great thing about this grinder that I love is the fact that the grinder can be used hands-free. You don’t need to press down on the lid, or hold the button to get the fine coffee beans. You can press the button and go do something else. No more standing there, waiting for the grinder to finish grinding.

hamilton beach 80365

Cons of the hamilton beach custom coffee grinder

One of the problems that many users has to face, was the fact that the lid is difficult to lock at first. When you mastered it, it will be easier. However, for those who are using the Hamilton beach custom coffee grinder for the first time, will struggle. That is if you aren’t a genius and figuring it out easier than the rest of us.

Another problem with the grinder is that if you want to grind coffee beans for espresso, you need to run the beans twice through the grinder. This is the only way of getting the perfect fineness for making espresso. But, using it for French press or percolator coffee, then this machine will be perfect.

The cup of the grinder isn’t static proof. When you have grinded your coffee beans, you need to be careful not to spill the beans that are stack up against the cup. This can be frustrating if you are in a hurry, but need to get the coffee beans that are stack up against the cup.

Conclusion of hamilton beach 80365

hamilton beach custom coffee grinderThe Hamilton beach coffee grinder 80365 is a great tool to have in your kitchen. It is easy to use and you don’t have to grind just coffee beans. You can also grind all kinds of different spices in your grinder. Another thing that are great with this grinder, is the fact that you can remove the grinder chamber for easier cleaning and easier refilling. The grinder is hands-free, so you don’t have to stand and wait for the grinder to finish. You can set the settings and walk away.

This grinder’s compartments are dishwasher safe. The cord of this grinder can be stored in a hidden compartment. This means that the cord won’t get in the way when you store the cord or that the cord can make your counter tops look ugly. The grinder self looks great and will fit any type and size of kitchen. The grinder comes in platinum and not in any other colors.

Where to buy hamilton beach coffee grinder 80365

There are quite a few grinders on the market that you can buy, but the Hamilton beach 80365 isn’t just a normal looking grinder. This grinder is perfect for any kitchen. No matter if you want to grind coffee or something else. You will be able to buy this coffee grinder at many places, but at Amazon, the online store, you will be able to buy it cheaper and delivery will be faster. You won’t regret buying this grinder for yourself of even for someone special as a gift. For example for mother day. —> Go To Buy Now


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