Review lifesmart ultimate 8 element heater

Lifesmart Corp Lifelux Series Ultimate 8 Element Extra Large Room Infrared Heater W/ Air Ionizer System Deluxe Wood Cabinet & Remote

If you are searching for one of the greatest heaters of all time, then you will know that it is really hard to find a heater that are looking great and that provides a room with more than just heat. I searched a lot of heaters to be able to find the one heater that not everyone else has. This is because I love to have unique stuff in and around my home.—> See Reviews & Go To Storelifesmart heater reviews

The one heater that I found that are really great for heating up a room, but also makes the room look great, is the Lifesmart ultimate 8 element heater. This isn’t just a normal looking heater. It is a heater inside a wooden cabinet. You can use the heater cabinet for making your room look nice, or you can use the cabinet for storage space on top of the cabinet.

There are not many heaters that are this great looking. People that are come visiting, will not even notice that you have a heater in your home. They will just feel the warmth of the house, and wonder how you are capable to manage to keep your home this warm without a heater.

Features of the lifesmart 8-element infrared heater

The Lifesmart heater are using infrared to provide warmth to a room. This makes the heater so much safer than other heaters. Because of the infrared heating method, the heater is able to heat up even a very large room, easily. This is really a great heater for larger kind of rooms.—>More Details

lifesmart corpThe heater has three different heating settings that you can set the heater. It also has a 500 watt eco setting, if you want to use the heater in a smaller room. Then, the heater won’t use as much power as what it normally would use.

It has a nine hour stop and start timer. You can set the time of the heater for anywhere from an hour to nine hours. It all depend on how cold it is outside and how much heat you want to have in your room. You don’t need to start or shut down the heater yourself.

The heater comes with a remote. This is a great feature to have, because then you don’t need to go to the heater to adjust the settings. You can just remotely change the heating settings to the temperature that you want. The heater also has a digital temperature setting. Then you can see at what setting the heater is, and use the remote to change the setting without going to the heater self.

Pros of the lifesmart 8 element heater

A heater can make a room look ugly. We all love the heat that the heaters are giving us, but there are not many heaters that are also looking great. This is where the difference with this heater comes in. With the Lifesmart Corp heater, you won’t even know that there are a heater in the room. It looks like just another wood cabinet in the room.

You might wonder if you can burn when you touch the wood of the heater, and if it is safe to use around children. This is one of the safest heaters that you will find for children. The heater with the wooden cabinet is cool when you touch it, even if the heater is on for quite some time. No one will burn or feel the heat of the heater when they touch the wooden cabinet that the heater is in.

You don’t need to buy just the normal brown color. There are two other colors that you also can choose from. You can choose the color wood that will suit your room best. You can choose between black and cherry also.

Most of the heaters can’t heat up a large room. They are normally then not powerful enough to heat a large room, and the whole room won’t be warm enough. But, this isn’t the case with this heater. With this heater, you can be sure that it is powerful enough to heat up any kind of room. Big or small. The whole room will be at the same temperatures and there will not be any cold and warm spots in the room. This is the one thing that I really think that this heater is great for.

When you buy this heater, you will also have a lifetime air filter as well as an Ionizer that are included and automatic with this heater. And, the heater comes with a 1 year warrantee that you can use for when the heater breaks before the first year.

The heater is super silent. You or anyone who are in your home, will not know that you have a heater in the house. And, because the heater doesn’t look like a heater at all, everyone will think that your home are naturally this warm.

Cons of this heater

If you wants to buy a heater that are efficient and low on running costs, then the Lifesmart 8-element infrared heater isn’t for you. This heater runs on 8 quartz infrared elements that can become quite expensive to run for days on end. If you want to have a heater for just occasionally heat, then this heater will be fine. There are heaters that are more power efficient that will not raise your utility bills much at the end of the month.

Besides the fact that this heater can cost a little more money to run a month, this is a really great heater to have. Especially, if you are looking for something different than the normal, ugly looking heaters. If you love uniqueness, then you won’t regret buying this heater.

Conclusion  of lifesmart corp

There are a lot of different kind of heaters with a lot different features. But, there are a heater that are standing out from the rest. If you are looking for a heater that will give you all the heat, but still fit in with the style of the room, then you would really like to have the Lifesmart 8 element heater.

This heater are built in a wooden cabinet, which hides the heater completely. If you don’t know that it is a heater, then you will not even know that this cabinet is a heater. The heater comes with a remote control also, that makes using this heater more portable. You don’t need to go to the heater to change the settings. And, with the digital temperature that are showing on the heater, you won’t need to guess how warm the heater is.

You don’t need to be afraid that anyone might burn when they are touching the wooden cabinet of the heater. The cabinet will be cool by the touch. No matter how long the heater was on. There are no chance that anyone will burn when they touch the heater. Not even small children. This makes the heater better.

Where to buy lifesmart 8-element infrared heater

If you are looking for something different, that can also keep a large room warm, then you would not need to look any further. The Lifesmart ultimate 8 element heater is all that you will ever wanted. You will be able to buy this heater at the online store, Amazon.—> Check Price At Amazon


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