Review Sony FDR-X1000VR/W 4K Action Cam and LiveView Remote Kit

Review sony fdr-x1000v/w 4k action cam

Video cameras can be a great thing to have, but if you don’t have state of the art equipment, then you won’t be able to enjoy your video camera at all. Especially, if you like taking action videos while you are on your adventures. The Sony fdr-x1000v/w 4k action cam is the perfect action cam to have, if you love taking videos from your adventures with your friends and sony fdr-x1000v/w

Features of the sony 4k action cam

The greatest feature of the Sony 4k action cam is that it takes professional videos with up to 240p HD / 120p HD. The action Cam also has an image stabilizer, so that all your videos look if a professional has taken the videos. With the camera, you can control up to 5 action cams with your smartphone or your LiveView remote, that are included in this package.

The camera is splash proof. This means that you can even take videos while it is raining, or near water. It isn’t water proof, but it won’t break from just a few drops of water. It has a built-in stereo microphone for making sure that the sounds are great, and that the wind noise sounds are reduced.Review hdr-as100vr

Pros of the sony action cam 4k

If you love all the action of being outdoors, and love going on adventures with your friends and family, then you will enjoy having the Sony action cam 4k. With this action cam, you can catch all the action that you have on camera and will enjoy watching these video’s for years to come.

This camera is great for those who want to make videos like a professional, but who don’t have the experience and knowledge to shoot the best videos. The camera also has an image stabilizer, so that you can take the video, even when you are part of the sony action cam 4k

You don’t even have to worry about a few water drops on the camera, when it rains or when you are at a waterfall. The camera is splash proof. Just remember, that the camera isn’t water proof, just splash proof. You don’t need to stop recording, just because of a few drops of water on the camera.

With a great camera, must be great sound. Especially, if you want to have professional looking videos. With the action cam, you have a built- in stereo mic, and a wind noise reducer. The sound won’t be overpowered by the sound of the wind, and you will be able to hear all the talking that are going on around you.

Cons of the action cam

If you are looking for any problems with the Sony action cam hdr-as100vr, then you are going to look for a while. This is the newest technology and you can be sure of quality. When it comes to Sony, they make sure that all the products they make are perfect. And, this action cam comes pretty close to perfect. No problems so far.

Conclusion of new sony action cam 2015

If you love action and knows all about adventures, then it might be time for you to get the state of the art action cam that will capture all the fun and action that you and your friends are having. And, the new Sony action cam 2015 is just the camera that will provide you with everything that you need to produce the bet videos of you and your friends. You don’t even have to be scared about a little rain on your camera, because the camera is splash proof.

Where to buy sony action cam hdr-as100vr

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