Review vornado avh2 whole room heater

Vornado AVH2 Whole Room Vortex Heater, Automatic Climate Control

vornado avh2 reviewHeaters are very important to most of us. Especially if you are living in a cold country. There are many countries that are very cold, and it is important to them to keep as warm as possible. With all the different kind of heaters that are available on the market, it is really hard to find the one that is right for you.—>See Reviews & Go To Store

If you are looking for a heater that doesn’t use elements and that are not pricy to use, and if you are looking for a heater that are more than just a heater, then you should really consider buying the Vornado AVH2.

This heater is more than just a heater. You can even use this heater as a fan for during the summer days. So, if you buy this heater, you are getting more value for money. And, for most of us, this is what we are looking for. Something that will give use heat during the cold days, but that are economical and will give use some coolness during the summer time as well. And, the price is really affordable.

Features of the vornado avh2

The one feature of this heater is the fortex technology that this heater use to circulate warm air throughout the room for a much warmer room. This heater doesn’t use much power to be able to work. The fan doesn’t use as much power as what the element heaters will do.—>More Detailsvornado avh2 whole room heater

The Vornado avh2 whole room heater has an automatic climate control to adjust the heat output so that the room is staying warm and cozy. The room will not get over heated, but it will also not getting cold either. The heater makes sure that the room stays comfortable throughout the day.

The fan has two heat settings that you can use for the right temperature. This ensures that you are getting the heat that you are looking for. Then, another great thing about the heater is that it also has just the fan that will cool the room down during the summer.

Just like all the newer heater models, this heater also has some safety features that will ensure that there are less chance of a fire or injury in the home, because of the heaters. It have a tip over protection that will cut the heater out, when the heater accidentally tip over. And, it has an automatic shut off when the heater starts to overheat.

Pros of the vornado vh2 heater

We all know how expensive a heater can become, with all the power that the heaters are using when it is switch on. The Vornado heater avh2 don’t use an element to produce heat. This is why this heater are so much more economical.

Another great thing for me about this heater is the fact that it does more than just producing heat during the colder days. During the summer, it can produce some cool temperature with the fan option. This makes the heater a two in one heater that are also a fan during the summer time. This is really value for money.

vornado heater avh2The heater isn’t a safety hazard in your home when you especially have small children in the home. The heater has a great feature that it will not burn anyone when you are touching the heater. The heater is cold to the touch.

It also has an automatic shut off feature when the heater tip over or if the heater is overheating. This is normally the biggest reasons why there are burns and accidents in the home. This new version of heater, won’t be any hazard in your home that can endanger you or your family.

Other heaters are just making the room warm by giving hot air. This heater is making sure that the whole room are the perfect temperature without any cold or hot spots in the room. This makes it better to have this heater, because there is less chance of making your family sick with a room that has a lot of different temperatures in the one room. This heater circulates the room, to ensure that the whole room is the same temperature.

Other heaters only has a one year guarantee. But, when you buy this heater, you are getting a 5 year limited warrantee. This is a warrantee that not many heaters has, and this means that you will be able to use your heater for at least 5 years, and it the mechanical parts of the heater broke before the 5 years are over, then you can get your heater fixed.

If you are looking for a heater that are made from a high quality, and that are delivering what the product promise, it makes any size room warm, and maintaining the heat so that the room are comfortable and nice to be in. The heater will last for years, and it is really stable on the floor. It won’t easily tip over.

Cons of the heater

When you buy the Vornado vh2 heater, you will know that there isn’t many problems and cons reported with this heater. The reviews of the heater, that are not all good, is small problems that are more personal point of views and not really real problems with this heater.

Most of the people that have used the heater and that wrote reviews of the heater, is reporting only good stuff. Stuff that confirms that this is a great heater to have, if you are looking for some extra heat during the cold winter days. If you are looking for a great heater, you won’t regret buying this heater for your home.

Conclusion of vornado heater avh2

There are heaters, and then there are the Vornado heater avh2. This is more than just a heater. It also gives you cool air during the hot summer time. This is a two in one heater.

This heater is very safe to use. Especially around children or your pets. They won’t burn when they are touching the heater accidentally. And, the heater will switch off the moment the heater tips over. This is a safe heater to use in every house.vornado vh2 heater

Another great thing about the heater that you should remember is that with this heater, you won’t have a high utility bill at the end of the month. This heater is economical and will make sure of a room that has a comfortable temperature that will be maintained by the heater. The heater is compact and can be carried to any room that you want to get heated up. No room is too small or too large for this heater. If you are looking for a heater that will produce fast heat, then this is the heater for you.

The heater has two different heat settings that you can adjust to get the temperature that you really want. And, you can use the fan setting for just some cool air during the hot summer days.

Where to buy vornado avh2 whole room heater

There are not many heaters that has this great features like the Vornado AVH2. This is truly the best heater that you can buy that are economical and safe. You don’t have to worry where you will be able to find the heater. You can buy this heater from the online store, Amazon.—>Check Price & Shop Now

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