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There are not always a gym near your home, or you don’t like going to gyms or working on big, expensive equipment. Everyone should have some kind of workout routine to make sure that they are getting the exercise that they really need to be fit and healthy. There are really a lot of different ways that you can exercise, but there are not many equipment that everyone loves.xiser commercial portable stepper

If you are one of those people who want to exercise without the effort and all the sweat, then you should be interesting in this exercising equipment. The Xiser commercial portable stepper, is a compact, but great exercise equipment that you can use in the comfort of your home for your daily exercise. There are not really many steppers out there that you can use that are made from high quality and that are making exercise fun.

With this stepper, you can exercise no matter where you are going. You can easily take the stepper with you when you are travelling. This is because the stepper is compact, and lightweight. Not, like the other more expensive equipment that you can find online.

Features of Xiser Commercial Portable Stepper

The first thing that I have noticed when I looked at the Xiser stepper, is the fact that this stepper is made from the best possible material. You will not find another stepper that are made from material like this one. It is made from Cast Aluminum Alloy and not from plastic like so many other steppers.

xiser commercial portable stepperAnother great feature that you will find with this stepper is the five year consumers warrantee and the one year institutional warrantee.

This stepper is really lightweight. The stepper is just 14 lbs. and can hold a total weight of 400 pounds. This means that even if you are quite heavy, you will be able to start your exercising with using this stepper. 400 pounds of total weight is a lot of weight for such a small machine.xiser commercial portable stepper

There are not any other machine like this stepper. This is because it has a Patented Hydraulic Cylinder System and a Patented Hydraulic Cylinder System. This means that no other stepper has this hydraulic system. It is still have the patented rights.

The resistance is adjustable. This means that you can adjust the level of difficulty according to your fitness level. You can make it easy if you are still a beginner and still a bit unfit. And, you can make it really difficult if you are fit and healthy and want to stay fit.

Pros of Xiser Commercial Portable Stepper

xiser commercial portable stepperWhen we are buying stuff like the Xiser stepper, we want to know that the machine is going to last for years. This stepper is one of the best possible steppers that you can buy, because many of its parts are still under patent rights. This mean that no other stepper has the same kind of hydraulic system that this stepper has.

The stepper is made from Cast Aluminum Alloy. This material is durable and will not break very easily. There are not many steppers that are made from this material. Most steppers are made from plastic and they can break so easily. This stepper will not break easily and can hold a total weight of 400 pounds.

You won’t belief how lightweight this stepper is, especially if you look at how much weight it can hold. The lightweight stepper is great to take with you when you are going to travel for work a lot. You can exercise no matter where you actually are.xiser commercial portable stepper

It also has great warrantees. It have a total of two warrantees to make sure that you are really as satisfied with the product as possible. It has a five year consumer warrantee and it have a one year institutional warrantee. This stepper won’t break easily, or you can get it fixed with this warrantees.

The stepper is smooth and silent. You can easily exercise while you are watching television or listening to music. You won’t even disturb other people, while you are using the stepper in the same room as others. You won’t find a stepper that have an adjustable resistance. But, this stepper has a great adjustable resistance. You can adjust the level of difficulty according to your fitness level.

Cons with Xiser Commercial Portable Stepper

Just like any other thing that you wants to buy, you want to know the con or problems reported with this product. If you are looking closely to this stepper, you will realize that there are not really a lot of problems or cons reported.

Most of the reviews of this stepper is great and most people are saying just good things about the stepper. The fact that the stepper is made to last for years, is making the stepper even better.

Looking at the reviews, you will see that everyone that has bought this stepper didn’t regret it for one moment. And, if other people like this machine, then you will also like this exercise equipment.


The Xiser stepper is one of the steppers that are made from the best possible materials that will ensure that you will be able to use this machine for years to come. And, the patented hydraulic system, will make sure that you won’t find another stepper like this one.

The stepper is lightweight with a weight of only 14 pound, but it can take a total weight of 400 pounds on a time. This means that you don’t have any excuse for not using this machine. It is durable enough so that anyone can exercise on it. But, it is lightweight enough to make sure that you are still exercising, even if you are traveling a lot.

The warrantees make it easier to get the stepper fix, if there are any problems with the mechanical parts on the machine. The material of the stepper is made in such a way, that you won’t have any problem with a stepper that has been broken. It even has patented parts that no other stepper is using at the moment. This makes this stepper unique and special.

If you are looking for a stepper that are one of a kind, made from durable material and that has a great warrantee, then you should have a close look at the Xiser commercial portable stepper. With this stepper you will not regret buying it, and you will have years and years of exercise with this machine. You can find this great stepper at the online store, Amazon.

xiser commercial portable stepper

User comments

The one thing that I like the most about this stepper is the material that the stepper is made of. This stepper isn’t plastic and won’t break as easily as my other steppers that I had before.

The stepper is really silent. I like this fact, because I like to work out in front of the television, and with this stepper, I don’t bother anyone else while I am exercising. I can even talk on the phone and exercise at the same time, and the other person won’t realize it.

I can adjust the resistance according to my level. I have an injury and because of the injury I can’t exercise hard. With this stepper, I can make my level as easy as possible, so that I can still get the exercise that I need.

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