The sony xbr55x850b review

sony xbr55x850b review

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Sony XBR55X850B 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV.

The Sony XBR55X850B TV is a kind of television that are different from the rest of the other HD televisions. This TV is so much clearer and brighter than the other flat screen TV’s that you can buy. If you like to watch movies and 3D movies with your friends and family, then you should really consider purchasing this Sony TV.

The TV comes with everything included that you will need to make this TV the best possible TV watching that you and your friends will ever experience. This TV is all that you will ever need. It offers 3D are really bright graphics and you can even go on the internet with the television. See More Technical Details

Features of the sony xbr55x850b 55-inch 4k ultra sony xbr55x850b

The Sony xbr55x850b 55-inch 4k ultra HD TV has not normal HD graphics. This TV has ultra HD graphics that makes watching the TV even better and clearer. The refresh rate of this television is 120Hz. The size of the Sony TV is about 48.6 x 11.2 x 31 inches and has a total weight of about 51 pounds. This is for the         55 inch television. This television has LED display that are made from the newest technology in the market.

The resolutions of the TV is more than just the normal HD. It has 4K ultra HD that are so much better than other normal HD televisions that you can buy anywhere. The graphics of this TV is up to four times clearer than other TV’s.

With this TV, you can also stream PS3 directly to your TV. This is the first time that you can do this with your PS3 and your TV. The TV is also compatible with a broadband speed of up to 2.5Mpbs for downloading and streaming. You can use also social media websites with this television.

There are different sizes of the TV that you can buy. You don’t need to only buy the 55 inch TV. You can also buy the 49 inch, 65 inch and 70 inch television. Included in the purchase you will also get the smart remote, 2 3D glasses, Touchpad remote control, IR blaster and a table top stand.

The TV has 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports and a MHL port.

sony 4k tv xbr55x850b

Pros of the review sony xbr55x850b.

There are so many different kind of TV’s that you can buy when you are looking for a new television. But, if you are looking for the newest technology and the best graphics, then there aren’t another TV coming close to the Sony xbr55x850b 55-inch 4k ultra HD TV.

With this TV, you don’t get the normal HD effect. You can enjoy the best possible effects from the ultra HD. This is especially designed for those who are TV watches and watching movies every night.

The 4K Ultra HD graphics is also movie compatible. Even if the movie isn’t made for 4K ultra HD graphic televisions. You can watch any kind of movie or even your sitcoms with the best graphics that are really clear and bright. This is what this television is all about. The best possible graphics.

Another great thing about this television is the fact that it is 3D compatible. You will be able to watch any 3D movie with the real 3D effects. And to make the experience even better, they had included 2 3D glasses with the TV, so that you can start watching your 3D movies right away.

They didn’t just add the 3D glasses with the purchase. You will also get other things that you need to be able to start watching on your television right away. Included with your television, you will also get the smart remote with the touchpad for the remote control, the IR blaster and the table top stand. You don’t need to buy anything else to start watching movies from your TV.

Also a great feature that are making this TV special is the fact that you can go online and streaming movies and other TV programs directly onto your television. You don’t need to use your computer before you can watch any movies on the TV. You can also watch favorite YouTube video’s directly onto your television. This will give you even more details that you probably would have missed when you watch these clips on your computer or smartphone.

The remote that comes with the television is great and not the normal remote. With this remote you can use the touchpad and scroll the remote just like you would do with a computer mouse. This makes the remote great. Not the normal boring old remote that takes forever to get to your favorite show that you want to watch.

The menu of the television is great. This is so much greater than even the PS3’s menu. You find what you need easily and faster. There are different settings that you can set for your television, so that you can personalize your TV to your likening.

Cons of the sony xbr55x850b.

The legs of the TV is on the shorter size. It can be a problem because this means that the screen from the Sony 4k TV xbr55x850b is too low. If you want to use the sound bar, you can’t see the whole screen. This means two things. You need to put your sound bar on a different place, or you should miss out on some view that are hidden behind the sound bar that are in front of the TV screen.

Besides this little problem, there are a little bit of complaints of the 4K video streaming and the quality of the 3D effects when you are watching 3D movies. But, overall there are more people likening this TV than people that doesn’t like the TV or that have problems with the TV. You don’t need to buy another TV, because of the little complaints that this TV has. There are a lot of people that won’t give their TV up, for any reason.

Conclusion of sony 4k tv xbr55x850b.

sony xbr55x850b best priceIf you and your friends are making every night a movie night, and you want to have the best possible graphics when you do watch your movies, then you should go for the Sony xbr55x850b at the best price. This TV offer 4K ultra HD that has better graphics than other HD televisions.

The TV is also 3D compatible, so you can watch full 3D movies from your home. You don’t need to go to the movies to be able to watch a 3D movie. And, with the glasses that are included in the purchase, you will even be able to start watching 3D movies right away.

There are more than one size of TV that you can buy. You don’t need to buy the 55 inch TV. There are bigger and smaller TV’s available. You can choose the one that is perfect for your personally. The bigger the screen the better the experience will be.

Where to buy sony xbr55x850b 55-inch 4k ultra hd tv.

There are a lot of flat screen TV’s available on the market today, but not all of them are from this high quality. This TV gives you everything that you need, and more. You can buy the Sony XBR55X850B from Amazon, the online store. GO STORE NOW.

sony xbr55x850b

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