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It is hard to get your children to eat vegetables. It doesn’t have to be a fight every day. There are some great ways how you can prepare the vegetables to be able to make it look great. And, if vegetables look great and fun, the children would eat it so much easier. If you want to present better looking vegetables, you need to have the spiral vegetable slicer.

With this spiral vegetable slicer, you will be able to make all kinds of fun vegetables that are looking like spirals. Spiral foods are fun looking and fun to eat. Especially to little children. You can do so much different things with the spiral foods. You can make a salad looking great, and your friends will think that you spend hours and hours preparing your salad. But, if fact it just take a little time, to prepare this great looking salad. You don’t have to make old, boring salads all the time. Even something like fries can look more delicious with the spiral maker. With this spiral maker, your food will look so much better and you will spend less time in the kitchen.—> Read Product Description

Features of the spiralizer® tri-blade vegetable spiral slicer

The one feature of the best vegetable Spiralizer is the fact that this is a guaranteed machine for the quality of the spiral maker. Not all the other kinds of spiral makers are given the same guarantee on their quality. Normally these machines can get broken easily and the slicing isn’t always as sharp as what you would like it to be.tri blade spiral vegetable slicer

Another great thing about this vegetable spiral maker, is the fact that it is portable. You don’t need to use it near power. It doesn’t use any power to operate. This means that you can take it with you wherever you are going, and make the most delicious spiral foods that everyone would enjoy. You can even take with you when you are camping.

The machine has a place on the machine where you can store all the blades of the maker, which you don’t use. This means that you won’t struggle to find the blades, when you are using the machine. Everything is where it belong; together.

This machine is made from high quality materials. The material that are been used to make the slicer is all high quality plastic that are BPA free. There are no harmful ingredients in the plastic that they used. The blades are made from Japanese high carbon stainless steel blades to ensure that it will stay sharper for longer.

This spiral maker comes with two great warrantees when you are buying this spiral maker. Normally the other spiral makers doesn’t even have one warrantee, but this one has two great warrantees that will ensure that you are using this product as much as possible.

Pros of spiralizer® tri-blade vegetable spiral slicer

The tri blade spiral vegetable slicer are definitely the best spiral slicer that you can find. This spiral maker is made from the durable reinforced ABS plastic that are BPA free. The blades are made from Japanese high carbon stainless steel blades. This is so that the blades will be sharp for a long time, and this is also why this spiral maker is so much better than the other spiral makers.

There are a lot of different vegetables that you can use for making spirals with this spiral maker. The vegetables that you can use are apples, onions, carrots, zucchinis, cucumbers, cabbages, beetroots, turnips, rutabagas, cucumbers, and many other soft, but firm fruit and vegetables. This spiral maker can use a lot more different fruits and vegetables that the other cheaper versions

This spiral maker is designed for easy using. You don’t need to struggle to learn how to use this machine. All the parts of this spiral maker can even be put in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Most plastics can’t be put in the dishwasher, because of the hot water, but this maker is designed to be able to hold in very hot water.

The suction cup of the maker is strong for secure operation and it has longer and more spikes that will hold the fruit and vegetables in place. You will not struggle to keep the vegetable in place, when you want to make perfect spirals from the vegetables.

When you are buying this spiral maker, you are getting not one, but two different warrantees on this product. The first warrantee is for ensuring that this product is really as durable and strong as possible. And if you can show us that it isn’t the truth they will refund you up to 250% from the purpose price.

The second warrantee on this product is a life-time warrantee for replacing your machine if it broke, or if you are not completely satisfied with this product. Other products are getting a one year warrantee, but this one is a life-time warrantee.

You are getting three different blades that are all made from durable materials. With this three blades, you can select between three different slicing and cutting options. It isn’t hard to change the blades, and you can store your blades in the machine. There are a place specially made for storing the blades, so that it is easy accessible.

Cons of spiralizer® tri-blade vegetable spiral slicer

For those who do have this tri blade vegetable Spiralizer, will know that there is really not one single problem with this machine. If you encounter a problem with your Spiralizer, you can exchange it for a new one, no questions ask.

And, with the two warrantees, you won’t lose any money when you buy this machine. Every single review of this product, is just positive. If everyone else like this spiral maker, then you will also have no problems or cons with this machine. You will enjoy every moment that you are making spiral fruit and vegetables. Without any problems or cons.

Conclusion of spiralizer® tri-blade vegetable spiral slicer

tri blade vegetable spiralizerIt can be fun to present spiral fruits and vegetables to your family. Especially if you have little children that doesn’t like to eat any form of vegetables. This spiral maker, makes all sorts of vegetables spirals, and fun to eat for little children.

It isn’t just for getting your children to eat vegetables. It is also a great machine to have, to make a great looking salad, or the perfect cut vegetables for soups or for making pasta. The machine is made from a durable and reinforced ABS plastic that are BPA free. The blades are made from the best quality Japanese high carbon stainless steel.

With this spiral maker, you are getting three different blades that you can use for three different purposes. There are a special storage space on the unit, so that you don’t have to search for your blades, when you want to use your spiral maker. Everything is right at hand, together.

Where to buy Spiralizer® tri-blade vegetable spiral slicer

You won’t regret buying the spiral vegetable slicer for your kitchen. It will give you fun to eat fruit and vegetables that your whole family will enjoy. You will find this great spiral slicer from Amazon. Amazon is a great online store where you can find all kinds of specials on different products like this spiral slicer.—>Go To Store

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